Creation of a content management system

topic: content management system
period: 09.2008 – 10.2008
status: Version 1.0
project type: commercial
team: Georgi Karchev
personal tasks: design, database design, name, information architecture, development,  logo

The idea of this project is the development
of a system to help store and manage
different data types and allows them to be
easily used in websites with individual
The system is mainly oriented towards
designers with little programming
knowledge. Those should be able to create
web pages easily and quickly, without the
need to program complex back-end
operations, neither have a thorough
knowledge of the graphical interface of a
complex CMS (content management
The purpose of the graphic interface
provided by the system is to give a quick
and intuitive access to upload and organize
WebCard uses a highly generic database
design to facilitate the easy construction of
additional modules, specific to a particular
site. Unlike other content management
systems the emphasis in this case is not on
the existing features, but rather a secure
platform, allowing a rapid upgrade and
ensuring a quick and logical creation of
websites, which requires specific design
and functionalities.
WebCard is a closed source project so far.
Version 2 of the system is planned to be
published under the GNU, for those willing
to use it. The system is based on PHP,
mySQL and AJAX.

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