Stage Time – Musik erleben

Multimedia platform for the streaming of live-concerts and events

topic: “Mediaload”
period: 03.2008 – 07.2008
status: a functional prototype
project type: course work
team: Melanie Apitz, Astrid Fischer, Silvia
Ikyasang, Georgi Karchev, Alex Kuhn, Anna
Medvedeva, Simon Müller
personal tasks: information architecture,
interaction design, front-end development,
database design
Wolfgang Funk,
Stephan C. Koch,
Prof. Andrea Krajewski

The idea behind the project is to create a
multimedia platform for the streaming of
concerts and events.
During the time of its development, the
project had no competition on the German
and European markets.
The age of the target group of system’s
users is between 14 and 39 years. Along
with the listening to music, users are
provided additional opportunities for
interaction. They can write articles and
exchange personal messages with other
members, create their own playlists and
join user groups.
In order for system content to be controlled,
a comprehensive editorial system was
integrated, which gives easy access to chief
editors to content, before and after its
publication. The system’s prototype is
implemented with the use of HTML, CSS,
PHP, mySQL, JavaScript and AJAX.

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