OLPC (One Laptop Per Child Project) Simulation in Second Life

Creation of a virtual interactive object for the exposition of the virtual
campus of the University of Applied Science Darmstadt (h_da)

topic: Virtual reality applications
period: 03.2008 – 07.2008
status: Version 1.0
project type: course work
team: Georgi Karchev
personal tasks: interaction design,
development, visualization design
Rolf Kruse

Purpose of this course work is the
development of a three-dimensional virtual
object in the online simulation Second Life.
A script attached to the virtual object allows
interactions between the object and users
of Second life, as well as other virtual
objects in its surroundings.
The project aims to illustrate the “Mesh
function of the OLPC laptop, and namely
their ability to create wireless networks
automatically and share access to
information sources. For this purpose, a
“smart” virtual objects was created, which
is able to seek others of its kind and
exchange with those information on its
current location, as well as whether they
are in contact with others.
The result is an easy and intuitive way to
display the advantages of the OLPC units in
a dynamic way, as any number of virtual
objects is located by an user/ users of
Second Life in an arbitrary way. The project
is on display in the virtual Building of the
University of Applied Science Darmstadt in
Second Life.

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