Lightsaber Training Augmented reality application using the Wiimote

topic: Augmented reality
period: 03.2008 – 07.2008
status: a functional prototype
project type: course work
team: Alexandra Marx, Georgi Karchev, Melanie Fiebiger, Michael Stamm, Simon Müller
personal tasks: interaction design – Wiimote, implementation of a virtual environment using XVR Studio
Thorsten Fröhlich

The task of this project was the concept
and development of a virtual environment,
which should interact with real physical
objects. The design of the system is
consistent with the use of stereo video
glasses, responding to the head
movements of the user and the use of the
Wiimote, product of Nintendo. The
developed system uses a Bluetooth
wireless interface to communicate with the
Wiimote, in order to detect user’s hand
The software recreates a scene from the
movie “Star Wars”, which consists of a
training with a “light saber”. The user
stands in a virtual room and is being
attacked by an object, which is floating in
the air. The purpose of the simulation is to
train the reactions of the user to move
their virtual “light saber” by moving their
The user receives information about his
surroundings in audio and stereo video
format. This creates the illusion of a three-
dimensional environment.

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