LIA Informationen punktgenau

Lokale Informationsassistentin

topic: “iMobility”
period: 03.2008 – 03.2009
status: a functional prototype
project type: course work
team: Melanie Apitz, Michael Borejdo, Astrid Fischer, Dennis Helfrich, Silvia Ikyasang,  Georgi Karchev, Simon Müller, Timo Strehlau
personal tasks: concept, development,
information architecture, web design
Professor Hubert Eisner,
Professor others. Hans-Peter Wiedling,
Sebastian Sauer

Within the project a system was created,
which helps blind people perceive the
environment surrounding them. The system
is to be used in public buildings, where it
should notify the user, when nearby rooms,
stairs, floors and elevators have been
detected. The system consists of an
interactive portable belt with integrated
technology and a web-based application,
which is to be used by the personnel of the
given public building. Those can create and
modify information about places in the
building. Technically, the project was
developed using ZigBee modules, located
on both the portable belt and in the
structure of the building. The Zend-
Framework was used for the
implementation of the web-based

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