E-Tutor for primary school Students

topic: “E-Tutor”
period: 10.2006 – 03.2007
status: a functional prototype
project type: course work
team: Melanie Apitz, Silvia Ikyasang, Georgi
personal tasks: information architecture,
development, database design
Prof. Udo Bleiman
Prof. Marius Dannenberg
Martin Schuster

This project includes the concept and
creation of a system, with an auxiliary
function in Mathematics education in
schools. Users of the system are pupils from
first to fifth grade and their teachers.
In the conceptual phases of the project, the
team collaborated with the Karl Ulrich
school in Weiterstadt, Germany.
The developed system serves as a mediator
between teachers and students. It enables
teachers to assign mathematical problems
to whole classes, individual students, or
arbitrary groups of students.
Students can solve problems, received by
their teacher/ teachers in an intuitive way.
Because of the fact, that only simple
equations need to be practised in this age-
group, those can be easily generated
automatically by the system. All that needs
to be done beforehand, is for the teacher to
define the problems module, using a GUI.
Each time a pupil completes a module, a
statistics of the results is sent out to the

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